Borrow Our Bikes

Borrow Our Bikes aka BOB is an e-bike rental company in Temecula, CA. BOBs E-bikes is run by a husband and wife, Christy and Bob, who started the company after having a great experience renting e-bikes with their family in Idaho. As they started expanding their company and working with local hotels, venues, and Airbnbs they felt their original website was not easy for customers to use and didn’t have any personality.

We had an in-depth call going over what their website needs were and how they wanted it to function. We dived into what they liked or didn’t like about their current website and other websites in the same industry. Before starting their design we made sure to put together a creative direction that we felt would help reflect the personality of the brand, so it didn’t feel disconnected.

The final result was a user-friendly custom divi website design, that reflected Bob and Christy’s personality that they put into the company and the experience their customers would receive. Also, I rode these bikes, and let me just say that shizzzz was so FUN! I only went around the block but I can’t wait to take them out to wine country or wander around old town.⁠⁠
Many of our clients reach out because they have a website they aren’t proud of and they are ready to level up…if that is you take this as a sign and inquire now. I’d love to help you create the website of your dreams


Note that the website may have changed since project hand-off. 



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