Meet the Dogs of Liveaday Creative

Hey everyone! We want you to meet the dogs of Liveaday Creative! Because we’re obsessed with these four-legged co-workers…They calm our nerves during meetings, keep us accountable to move around once in awhile *cough cough* for walks, and they always have our back as they lie next to us. Meet the team behind the team! You may see them show up on our Instagram from time to time.

The Dogs of Liveaday Creative

DJ - Dogs of Liveaday Creative

Pawject Manager

DJ has been part of the family since 2014 and she’s grown from assistant to our Pawject Manager. DJ is in charge of supervising the crew and making sure everyone is on task from her favorite chair. DJ enjoys road trips with friends, visiting local coffee shops, and is a local foodie always looking for the next great meal (although a little particular).

Dully - Dogs of Liveaday Creative

Shipping + Retrieving

Dully is our Shipping and Retrieving Manager with well over 5 years in the position he knows the ins and outs of the biz. Dully enjoys socializing with the whole crew, walking around the neighborhood office, and chilling at the water bowl. Dully’s got a talent for finding and retrieving any missing supplies including paper, leashes, and tennis balls.

Barketing Manager

Gigi is one of the younger members of the team and it shows in her energy and spunk. She takes her job as Barketing Manager seriously and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Gigi spends her free time convincing her friends to play fetch and running on the beach.

Accounts Retrievable

Raina is new to our team and serves as an Accounts Retrievable Specialist. Raina is a college pup majoring in Business Administration and when she’s not in the office or the classroom she loves going to the beach and playing fetch. Raina typically enjoys a cold puppuccino and treats throughout the week while accomplishing her goals.

Phoebe - Dogs of Liveaday Creative

Head of Puplick Relations

Phoebe may be small but her experience is evident in how she protects her domain. Her pedigree looks and nonchalant demeanor make her an excellent Head of Puplick Relations. When Phoebe isn’t busy spinning a story she is usually relaxing with her favorite ball or looking to try new food.

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