The Differences between a Brand vs Logo

Do you know the difference between a brand vs logo?

Your brand is what identifies your business to consumers and mainly consists of your company’s name, slogan, and overall mission. However, your logo is your business’ visual design mark that incorporates symbols and lettering into your Brand’s identity. Your branding and logo are both critical promotional and marketing elements.

A logo is just a fraction of your brand, it helps leave consumers with impressions and experiences with your business. Think of it this way, your logo may catch the eye of your consumer but your brand’s identity and vision are what intrigues them to know more. 

Your brand is the overall big picture and your logo, design, marketing message and more are just elements that support your brand in achieving your goals!

10 Elements of a Good Brand


This includes a deep dive into your target market, point of view, unique value, competitor analysis, and more. You take all of this info to make decisions on how you want to position yourself or your brand on the market so that you are attracting your ideal clients and differentiating yourself from your competitors.


Your solutions are what you offer – how you are going to help your ideal clients solve a problem with your solution which can be a service you offer or product (digital or physical)


Your creative direction is an overall visual vibe guiding the design of a brand to ensure consistency for visual goals. This gives direction to the design including logo, color palette, type suite, and imagery/media.


The visual identity includes the logos, brand marks, color palettes, type suite, media, patterns, textures and any other visual designs for the brand.


Brand communication is what your company says and how your company
says it to connect with people. This includes website content, emails, sign-offs, social media posts, and more…


Your online storefront is how you sell your products or services and interact with your audience online. This can include website, social media, etc.


Social Presence includes Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Getting creative with social media can allow you to attract different consumers.


Marketing is defined at the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. There are so many different ways to market your brand but the first thing you need to do is define your goals which could be gaining followers by posting on Instagram everyday for 30 days.


How do people interact with your brand from sight, sell, touch, taste, and smell. This experience can help you determine the kind of packaging you use, what kind of gifts you send (coffee, a certain candle smell, etc). Breaking down how your brand interacts with clients and potential clients creates that experience with your brand.


Your culture and values helps build the internal structure of your brand which can help determine who you hire, how you treat your employees, how you hold each other accountable. This can help you and your employees have clear goals, purpose, and be sure you are creating a brand people want to work for. Creating a culture that ensure employees are involved with your overall goals and values is important.

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