Laree + Ice Age Meals

The face of a mom who doesn’t have to cook dinner and still gets a healthy meal… is it #wineoclock yet?⁠ Laree needed help creating content for her partnership with Ice Age Meals and we were ready to help.

Our first step in the content creation process once she reached out was to get an idea of what she and Ice Age Meals wanted. We did some research into the other ambassadors and we wanted to create something they had not done before. After our first meeting, we went to the Pinterest board to find different ways to incorporate the meals into the photos but still have her everyday life come through. After Laree reviewed our options we planned the date and time to shoot at her house and the gym, Fitness at Socal, where she works.

We had so much time incorporating her life as a mom and a spin instructor into these photos. Can’t wait for the next shoot!

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