Cypress & Stone

Cypress + Stone started as a home decor brand design concept with a previous client. They wanted to start a decor company where they could make and sell custom furniture pieces and handmade decor.

We came up with the concept of the name, Cypress & Stone to include two natural elements. Cypress trees have an old tradition; when homeowners would plant them it meant travelers were welcome for drink, eat, or even full accomodations.

We designed the original logo in 2018 in canva 🤦🏼‍♀️, oh what we’ve learned since then. Although this brand never came to fruition with the owner; we love the concept and thought the original design could use a refresh.

For the brand refresh, we wanted to keep the original idea of a clean, natural, and simple concept. Take a look at the full brand concept below.

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See the before and after for this home decor brand design below

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